The "Learn Golf, Play Golf, Enjoy Golf" Program for New Golfers is Here!

Golf Program for the New Golfer $200

Designed for the new golfer, the “Learn Golf, Play Golf, Enjoy Golf” program provides newcomers with the basic skills and knowledge in the most enjoyable form possible. Golfers learn the basics of putting, short game, full swing, etiquette and rules. Most importantly we have a good time!

Learn Golf, Play Golf, Enjoy Golf Program Includes:

·       (5) 60 minute learning sessions

·       Program outline for home review

·       Enjoyable, non-intimidating learning environment

·       Refreshments



Summer Junior Golf Program three day $99 five day $150

The RG Golf Instruction Junior Summer Golf Program is a weekly summer golf program designed to provide the perfect opportunity for kids to learn while playing and having fun. Directed by US Kids Golf Top 50 Honorable Mention Instructor Rudy Gonzalez the program encompasses all areas of the game and is specifically tailored to teach kids through games, team based activities, and athletic movement activities. Students gain an understanding of how having fun and engaging in activities that develop an overall athleticism can improve your ability to learn golf swing skills. We give parents and students a fresh approach to learning the game of golf!