Our Philosophy is based on one of our favorite quotes:

"A good teacher can never be fixed in a routine. Each moment requires a sensitive mind that is constantly changing and constantly adapting. A teacher must never impose this student to fit his favorite pattern. A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence. A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself" - Bruce Lee

Whether novice or professional, #teamRG students learn, train, and manage all facets of their game. Our coaching programs are designed to assess and evaluate ball flight, strike pattern, club delivery, movement patterns, mental performance, factors influencing performance off the course, and clear understanding how they do what they do. Bottom line we will make you a better golfer! 

Lesson Tools:

FlightScope X2: 3D Doppler Golf Tracking Radar

Tomi Putting Pro: Real Time Putting Analysis

High Speed Cameras

Titleist Performance Institute Screening

Blast Motion Capture

Foresight Launch Monitor

BodiTrak Pressure Mapping

K-Vest (4 Sensor) 3D Motion Capture

 K-Player Bio Feedback Training


Half day instruction   

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Half Day Instruction is a comprehensive program, three hour training option for all golfers. Our coaching programs are designed to identify patterns of our students, establish a plan, and develop a personal swing style that will produce sound swing mechanics and impact alignments.

Session Options:

9:00am- 12:00pm  or 1:00pm-4:00pm



Full day INSTRUCTION    

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Morning Session is designed to identify the movement patterns of our students, correct any limitations, and develop a personal swing style that will produce sound swing mechanics and impact alignments. 

Afternoon Session is on course instruction. Golfers will develop the short game, iron appraoch, wedge approach, driver performance, and trouble shots. 

Session Options



individual adult instruction          $80/hr

Individual instruction is by appointment only. We strongly suggest one of our long term coaching programs, half or full day, or on course programs. Contact us for individual sessions at or 956-229-7660.




  An inefficient golf swing, due to physical limitations and poor swing mechanics, leads to inconsistent ball striking and injury.  A typical screen will allow us to make a swing-body connection that will lead to obtaining and more efficient golf swing. Schedule a TPI Screening Test today! 

 TPI Philosophy :The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health and a client history-TPI




On course playing lessons are designed to introduce course management, strategy and improve a student's overall scoring skills. Our staff offers both 9 and 18 hole options followed by a recap lunch with your instructor.

Technology measuring devices: kvest, Flightscope, focusband, foresight, high speed cameras, blast motion sensor. 


3D Radar






Laredo Country club


The RG Golf Instruction team has developed numerous ways to entertain, reward, or create a teambuilding experience with the use of golf instructional programs. Corporate Golf options range from traveling golf instructors to customized golf instruction sessions for team building or those special business relationships. Other programs that are available are company golf days, golf instructional sessions, reward & incentive trips and charity golf events. No matter what your company’s objective may be, RG Golf Instruction has a Corporate Golf option that will address your company's objectives and budget. We can structure a program to fit your needs.  Call us to receive a customized proposal for your next program with golf instruction, food & beverage, and entertainment options! Call 956.229.7660 or






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